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Richard Ladkani
Malaika Pictures
Regisseur, Kameramann
Yasmo Hafedh
Yasmo und die Klangkantine
Rapper, slam poet and author
Joanna Sustento
climatic activist
Eryn Wise
Honor the Earth
Grassroots Activist
Richard van der Laken
What Design Can Do
Ricken Patel
Executive Director
Werner Boote
Plastic Planet, Green Lie uvm.
Film Director
Bunny McDiarmid
Executive Director
Sulak Sivaraksa
Int. Network of Engaged Buddhists
Scholar and activist
Andrea Crosta
Elephant Action League and WildLeaks
Wildlife protection activist
Alan Rusbridger
Oxford University
Author and Journalist
Céline Cousteau
Cause Centric
Filmmaker and Adventurer
John Thackara
Doors of Perception
Designcritic and Author
Sarah Wiener
TV Chef and Activist
Robert Bullard
Texas Southern University
Harald Frey
Technical University Vienna
City Planner
Gudrun Pflüger
European Wilderness Society
Large Carnivore Expert
Hans Herren
President Millenium Institute & Biovision
Agronomist and Enthomologist
Roland Düringer
Actor, comedian and environmental activist
Rajendra Pachauri
Engineer and Economist
IPCC Chairman
Faiza Oulahsen
Greenpeace climate and energy campaigner
Member of Arctic 30
Polly Higgins
Founder Eradicating Ecocide Initiative
Lawyer and environmental activist
Tim Jackson
University of Surrey
Prof. for sustainable development & author
Bill McKibben
Founder of
Author and activist
Alexander Egit
CEO Greenpeace CEE
Political scientist and activist
Harald Katzenschläger
Founder DreamAcademia
Coach and trainer
Mike Edwards
Environmental educator and activist
Bianca Jagger
Bianca Jagger Human Rights Foundation
Human rights & environmental campaigner
Stefan Rahmstorf
Oceanographer and climate scientist
HUB Vienna Team
Impact HUB Vienna
Social entrepreneurs
Pres. Mohamed Nasheed
Maldevian Democratic Party
form. President of the Maldives
Cameron Sinclair
Founder Architecture for Humanity
Architect and activist
Yann Arthus-Bertrand
Good Planet
Photographer and director
Ledum Mitee
President MOSOP
Lawyer and environmental activist
Wolfgang Kromp
Physicist an atomic energy expert
Andreas Graf v. Bernstorff
Dukedom Bernstorff
Landowner and enviromental activist
Vandana Shiva
Founder of Navdanya
Physicist, author and environmental activist
Alex Steffen
Founder of
Autor and activist
Alexander Likhotal
President Green Cross International
Political scientist and advisor
Gerald Ganssen
European Geosciences Union
Ocean geologist and paleo-climatologist
Hermann Scheer
President of Eurosolar
Author, politician and activist
Helga Kromp-Kolb
Centre of Global Change and Sustainability
Climate scientist
Greg Craven
YouTube Star
Author and high-school teacher
Freda Meissner-Blau
Gründerin der Grünen Partei
Politikerin und Aktvistin
Michael Braungart
Founder of Cradle-to-Cradle
Chemist and author
Hildegard Aichberger
CEO WWF Austria
Environmental activist