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21th of April 2022
Halle E, MuseumsQuarter

The EARTHtalks are an event founded in Vienna and have taken place annually since 2008. Bringing together NGOs, business, public institutions and interested members of the public, the EARTHtalks engages them in dialogue with extraordinary speakers and – most importantly – with each other.




“The EARTHtalks are the highlight of the year – it’s a rare combination of cutting-edge thinking and emergent names, ideas and action. Attracting in a diverse mix of people, this is one event not be missed.”


Barrister and author of Eradicating Ecocide


“EARTHtalks bring together emerging thinking on planetary issues with deep consideration of humanity’s best capacities and the choices available to us. It’s a powerful, inspiring combination.”



Author and founder of

“Every year you really do fantastic work. If there was something like a nobel prize for idealism, Greenpeace would nominate you for it!”


CEO Greenpeace Central and Eastern Europe

“Das Klima braucht keiner schützen. Die Umwelt braucht auch keiner schützen. Wir müssen uns selber schützen und erst wenn wir erkannt haben, dass wir Teil von etwas Großem sind dann wird sich etwas ändern.”


Schauspieler, Kabarettist, Umweltaktivist



“I think that to be an ecologist is to love life. It may seem a little naive and utopian, but I think we need more love. And that is why I tell you, I love you!”


Fotograf, Journalist und Aktivist