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Many like-minded people who Angie met through the project Planet Earth – Directions for Use, Angie decided to create an event for them to meet. The first EARTHtalks took place in 2008. 3 people spoke, 130 came, listened and networked.

Following the success  of the first EARTHtalks, the event was repeated in the Museum of Natural History in 2009. 270 people attended. In 2010 the event took place in the City Hall with over 500 guests.

The Hofburg was the home of EARTHtalks from 2011-2015. The event was broadcast via live stream for the first time in 2011. The EARTHtalks had become THE environmental event in Austria.

Since 2012 the Rightlivelihood  Award is an official partner of the EARTHtalks. Over the years, laureates Hermann Scheer, Vandana Shiva, Ledum Mitee and Bianca Jagger have all spoken at the event.

In 2016 EARTHtalks moved to the Halle E, the former winter riding hall of the monarchy in Museumsquartier, and continue to be a huge success. Since the move, 900 people are able to attend every year, thousands more watch via live stream.