Angie Rattay

"In real life" the founder of the EARTHtalks is a graphic designer and manages clients working on eco-social or scientific projects with her graphic design office "Angieneering".
Angie studied at the University of Applied Arts, where her diploma project "Planet Earth – Directions for Use" laid the foundation for the charity NEONGREEN NETWORK. Subsequently, she came up with the EARTHtalks as a meeting point for rebellious people (and those who want to become more rebellious), with touching talks as inspiration. Her belief in the power of the individual always keeps her going!
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André Karsai

Nothing is impossible - would probably be the most fitting description for André. His expertise as a communications scientist, his years of know-how in the field of management and, last but not least, his creativity have helped the EARTHtalks to develop every year. After all, it is a challenge to pack so many people, topics and ideas into one evening.
Along with event manager Emily, André probably makes the most steps on the day of the EARTHtalks, and no one knows how to motivate and keep everyone in check as well as he does. Thank you for your friendship and your expertise, which significantly shape the EARTHtalks!
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Saša & Britta Asanović

When Saša heard about Angie's idea of creating the EARTHtalks in 2008, he immediately joined in and took over the culinary part of the event. To him it is important that the EARTHtalks buffet does not only "feed" the guests, but is also a statement. Thus, only regional and seasonal organic products are used. The catering is managed by several small catering companies, which Saša coordinates together with his wife Britta. Our dream team behind the buffet!
Thank you for your friendship, enthusiasm and humor!
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Maria Lettner

As an EARTHtalks veteran, Maria has literally been through it all. Maria, our master of lists (together with Liz Hutter), has the ultimate overview and knows how to best motivate and organize the crowd of volunteers. 
What would we do without you, Maria! Thank you for the many hours you have dedicated to the EARTHtalks!
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Emilie Kleinszig

As a professional event manager, Emilie is indispensable for the EARTHtalks! As André's "twin", she runs the location from morning to evening and keeps an overview of everything – even during the most confusing situations. 
The EARTHtalks say "Thank you, Emilie!" for your time and the fun memories.  
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Harry Müller

We got to know Harry in the "early years" of the EARTHtalks as the master of cardboard dummies, until he decided to join the core team. Harry has been assisting our event management team for years, coordinating all arrivals and departures from early morning to evening, and again in the morning. 
Thank you for your perseverance Harry. Working with you is a lot of fun – no matter at what time of the day or night!
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Manuela Raidl

Manu has been moderating the EARTHtalks since 2015 and enriches the event with her knowledge, spontaneity and energy. Her background as a political scientist is the perfect prerequisite to navigate the event through the high diversity of topics that the speakers of the EARTHtalks bring on-stage stage each year! 
We look forward to working with you for many years to come and thank you for your professional and loving support! ... and your unmistakable laugh!
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Oliver Schnetzer

Even if he doesn't want to hear it - Oliver is our social media person. If you're wondering who manages our Facebook posts: it's Oliver. However, he is also involved in our program creation, so he is an important support for Angie & Co. when it comes to contacting speakers and the storytelling of the evening.
Thank you for the years of cooperation and especially for your support in the final spurts of the events!
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Uli Einweg

Since Uli and Angie met as students at the University of Applied Arts, there was practically no escape for him. Without knowing what he was getting into, he agreed to support and manage the first "EARTHtalks" in 2008. Well, the rest is history and really speaks to his resilience... Thanks to Uli's passion for animation and 3D, the EARTHtalks stage is not only enriched by visuals on the main screen, but also by an additional self-made earth (round screen). The spinning earth screen was created in 2017 from thousands of Nasa images that Uli animated for us in a day and night mode.
Thanks for everything and please come visit us again from Bavaria!
#visuals #roundscreen #animation


Caroline Reinwald

Caro has been supporting us since 2021 and kicked-off her work with the format "Fact Friday" (on fridays @neongreennetwork on instagram). Together with Angie, she has revamped all the websites and is actively supporting the team in the EARTHtalks. In "real life" Caro is a Zoologist.
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Last but not least, our emotional support dog, Mike. Mike was adopted into the team in 2017 and has been our constant companion ever since. When Mike is not belly crawling across the carpet, he supports the team as an agility coach by taking us outside three times a day. Afterall, humans should not be sitting in front of the screen all day!
Thank you Mike - for every welcome distraction, every gymnastics performance, countless high-fives and your unmistakable smile!
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