How can I help support your organization?

There are various ways you can be of help. Donations are always greatly appreciated! As a nonprofit organization, we are dependent on such donations in order to continue fighting for our cause. If you’re up to it, you can also sign up as a volunteer for the EARTHtalks – in that case, please contact We look forward to hearing from you!

I would like to sponsor the EARTHtalks. Who can I get in touch with?
We’re thrilled you’re interested in becoming a sponsor! Please contact us under info(at)

What tasks are typically given to volunteers? Would it still be possible for me to participate, if I didn’t have that much time at hand?
At the EARTHtalks we need help in various areas, including transport, logistics, catering, setting up, clearing away, guiding and looking after our guests, merchandise, etc. All of these tasks are to be performed at different times throughout the day. We’re also happy to recruit volunteers for shorter periods of time. In case there is a specific task you’re interested in or a certain timeframe you’ll be available for, then please make sure to include this in your volunteer-application.

Unfortunately I won’t be able to attend this year’s EARTHtalks. Is there another possibility for me to partake in the EARTHtalks event?
Yes, via livestream! The link can either be found on our homepage or our social media channels on the day of the event.

Why is there a „fairer Eintritt“ (“fair Entree“) at the EARTHtalks?
The EARTHtalks can only exist if everybody participates in paying a „fair entree“. What this means is that you can choose the amount of money you pay (for admittance) accordingly to your financial situation. Your contribution is essential for compensating the costs of the EARTHtalks! The entire event as well as the nonprofit organization Neongreen Network are mostly funded by donations. So without your help, none of this would be possible.

My financial situation won’t allow me to pay entree at the EARTHtalks, but I would still like to attend. Is that possible?
Although donations are crucial for the continuation of our work, we don’t want your financial situation to dictate whether you can participate in the EARTHtalks or not! Please send an E-Mail to info(at) and we’ll make sure to put you on the guest-list.

Every year I think to myself: I just love the design of your t-shirts! Where can I get one?
You can purchase our shirts in the networking-area on the day of the event! In case you’re interested in buying a shirt on a different day, you’re welcome to stop by our NEONGREEN-office, this is where we sell our remaining stock during the rest of the year. Please make sure to send an E-Mail to info(at) in advance!

I would like to participate in the EARTHtalks with a group of people. How can I apply?
You can register a group simply by using our application-system. In case you have any questions please contact info(at)